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About us

Managing Director
Barbara Gabogrecan

Barbara has spent the last 10 years working with and supporting the Micro and Home Based Business sector. She coined the word Micro and defined it as employing less than 5 in 1995. In 1996 John Howard’s Government came into power and took the same word and definition and created the Micro Business Consultative Group, appointing Barbara to this committee. Now Micro and Home Based Businesses are recognised sub sets of the small business sector.

Barbara together with Anne Marie Cross of Advanced Employment Concepts and Darren Taylor of Darren Taylor Web & Graphics, designed this accreditation programme as a result of working with the sector and recognising their needs. To be able to have a cost effective and easily recognisable marketing and benchmarking tool to help individual businesses stand out from their competitors and give them a point of difference, is a unique, practical solution that has not existed before.

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Financial Controller
Peter O’Connor

Peter has worked as a financial controller in manufacturing and export/import businesses for many years. He has had experience with SME, Micro and Home Based businesses. In 2000, Peter presented 42 workshops on GST to the Micro sector in an easy to understand format with a practical emphasis.

Peter assists Barbara and the sector in many ways and offers invaluable support with his special expertise and knowledge. He is a Bachelor of Business, and is a member of the National Institute of Accountants and an associate member of CPA. Peter is also a director of MBN (Int’l) Pty Ltd which trades as Micro Biz Navigator; Home Based Business Australia; Biz-in-a-Box; and MBN.Solutions@Work.