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Testimonials from Business operators, Organisations & Government Departments

Drew Quilliam_50px.jpg  “We here at Virtual Creative Services believe that taking part in the Micro Biz Navigator program has equipped us with a powerful tool that will assist in communicating the level of expertise, qualification and processes we have in place. It has also been a valuable insight into where we are at, as a business. It enabled us to see the strengths and weaknesses, and also helped improve our insight into the future. It has been a wonderful experience to be a part of this program, and we look forward to continue to upgrade our star level as we get time to collate our’ proof’ documents. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Micro Biz Navigator program.”
Drew Quilliam of Virtual Creative Services – 1 star rating

lucie_battaini_50px.jpg  “Micro Navigator has been a great experience. It has helped me collate my business materials and also given the business a level of accreditation in an industry where credibility has suffered in the past. I look forward to seeing the results of this program in my business.”

“Micro Navigator has been a great experience. It has helped me collate my business materials and also given the business a level of accreditation in an industry where credibility has suffered in the past. I look forward to seeing the results of this program in my business.”
Lucie Battaini of multimediART – 3 star rating

“Congratulations on setting up an exciting and much needed venture.  The success of last night is testament to your efforts and passion.  I was glad to be there to share and support you and Micro Biz Navigator.”
Nabil Salameh of Action International Business Coach


“I just read the assessment comments, thank you so much, all that work Navigator puts in; I can now clearly see where some of my problems are.”
Renata Eichin of Hopping Kangaroo


“It was a fantastic night for Micro Biz Navigator and also for the Accredited businesses - I hope it generates the interest and commitment you need from alliance partners, supporters etc!”
Sue Vitnell of Newcomers Network

“Congratulations on the Inaugural Micro Biz Navigator Accreditation Awards. It was good to see so many diverse micro businesses undertaking benchmarking which has to make them  more successful and an easier business to operate, having put in place the very sound business principles that the Micro Biz Navigator accreditation system helps them put in place.

Many micro businesses say that one of the biggest issues that face them is lack of time, so by being accredited and putting in place sound business practices it must help the business operate more smoothly and so increase the time available to do business, increase profits and give more leisure or family time which is a very good outcome all round.

Congratulations again - well done!”
Vern Roy

 “Congratulations on an excellent Awards night.  It went really well and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the evening.  Well done.”
Joss Evans General Manager INNOVIC

 “Thank you for the seminar – I really enjoyed it and gained inspiration from you. I think it is wonderful that you are helping HBB in every respect. Keep up the good work.”
Michelle’s Bookkeeping Solutions

“Biz-in-a-Box is very good - easy to understand and navigate! Your book is also great - just completed the survey section, and have a survey completed, ready to photocopy and hand out!”
Jenny Cochrane of Jenns Office

 “I have read your fantastic book, as it is an Australian book, I was very pleased with your wealth of information.”
Dolores Calle of Mindyourtime

 “Thanks for the Navigator Awards night and again, congratulations!  You are clearly making a significant and important impact on the lives and businesses of many people.”
Joanne Fitzgerald of Designed Interventions


“What you are doing is absolutely fantastic. I am lucky to have someone of your obvious talents and dedication helping me. Please keep it coming - I can't get enough”
Les Henderson of Henderson Publications 

“To be accredited means a lot to me. As a HBB it will give me an edge over my competitors. People will feel more comfortable to do business with me and will judge me differently. It gave me the opportunity to look at my business from the outside. It encouraged me to make future plans and to re-assess where my weaknesses and strengths are.”
Renata Eichin of Hopping Kangaroo

Robyn O'Connell_50px.jpg

"I found it most helpful when looking at newsletters that I could go back and look up something that I thought was in an August newsletter from you - by having back copies on view, it was fantastic and so easy to find."
Robyn O'Connell of Silver Celebrants - 2 star level



“I decided to complete the Micro Biz Navigator Pilot Program because I felt that it was time to sit down and re-visit what I have done and where I am going. During the process of preparing my submission, despite many years of business training, I found that my filing system did not really group information in an appropriate priority order.  The Micro Biz Navigator Accreditation will take the focus off me and put it on the enterprise - and that makes me feel like I can focus on what needs to be done rather than try and 'sell it'.”
Sue Vitnell Founder Newcomers Network

Robyn O'Connell_50px.jpg

“What an amazing experience this has been for me!  I am suddenly aware of all the good things I have in place for my business, and also the great ‘holes’ in what I have missed doing – I am now motivated to fill those holes. My personal philosophy in life is ‘Reach for the moon, even if you fail you will be among the stars’ so I find it amazing that I have been given the opportunity of having a star rating!  Thanks for the opportunity to participate – thanks for starting Micro Biz Navigator!”
Robyn O’Connell of Silver Celebrants - 2 star level


“I have put in place a number of changes to my business thanks to the ideas I had while doing the Micro Biz Navigator submission. It was definitely well worth the effort to become accredited.”
Alison Armstrong of Definitely Chocolate P/L - 4 star level



“In the highly competitive industry of counselling and coaching, it is difficult to find a point of difference.  Gaining official acknowledgement of the excellence of my business gives me that cutting edge difference - thanks for developing such a valuable process as Micro Biz Navigator.”
Jacquie Wise of Wise Ways - 5 star level



"Being an internet based business, our primary initiative in taking part in the Micro Navigator program was to assist us in gaining the trust of consumers. Whilst completing the submission however, we found that the process certainly helped us to evolve the business and take into consideration policies and procedures which will benefit both our customers and the growth of the business alike."
Catherine Bolt of The Australian Wedding Company


“In the past few weeks of preparing the Micro Biz Navigator submission, the team have realised more about the business than we have in the last 6 years of actually working in it. It was great to be able to focus on the business & measure the results by adding up points throughout the process.

We often wonder if we “Are we doing it right?” Thanks to Navigator we can honestly say we are headed in the right direction. The team came away with a positive enlightened attitude with heaps of ideas to help grow the business even more, through marketing our Star Level & by placing more focus on working ‘on’ the business instead of just ‘in’ it.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of Micro Biz Navigator – we will be telling everyone, everywhere, about the program.”
Colleen Bernard of Phone A Gift Basket - 5 star level


“When we started on the accreditation path with Micro Biz Navigator much of our business knowledge was already documented, but it amazed us just how much we still had in our heads.  Documenting what was missing has helped Admin Works to confirm that we are on the right track and identify gaps which need to be filled.  This process has been most worthwhile from an operational perspective and we anticipate that accreditation will enhance our credibility in the market place.”
 Trish Upham of Admin Works (Australia) Pty Ltd – 2 star level


“It is invaluable to assess the progress of one’s business in the light of criteria and priorities that someone else has determined. It is challenging to produce the formal documentation evidencing what you know happens on a day to day basis in the business.  Thank you Micro Biz Navigator for this opportunity to scrutinize our business with a reality check.”
Sue Stott & Ruth McIntosh of A1Admin Pty Ltd – star level

Isobel_Caulfield_50px.jpg        “Participating in Micro Biz Navigator was an opportunity to see how well our business is actually running. It shows what strengths we have.  We have given ourselves a pat on the back.  It also shows we have weaknesses in some areas.  Micro Biz Navigator has inspired us to greater heights and hopefully we can gain more stars in the future.”
Isobel Caulfield of Berwick Boarding Kennels & Cattery


“In my business as innovative landscape designers, we are constantly thinking outside the square. Processes, Policies and Procedures are going to contribute a great deal to our ongoing success and growth into new markets. As agonizing as they are, the necessity of getting the business model right cannot be underestimated. It would be fantastic in the future to see the entire Navigator accreditation get ‘greener’ and offer a total online alternative to hard copies!”
Wendy Clarke of Dirtscape Dreaming