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Member Profile - Suzette Murray

Name: Suzette Murray
Business name: Suzette Murray Voice Works
Type/Description of business: Personal Development Coaching
Address: 3/15 Lysterville Ave
               Malvern       Victoria
PC          3144
Phone: +61 3  9509 2422
Mobile: 0402 075 288
Web Address:

Q. What is the name of your business and what do you do?
A. Suzette Murray Voice Works
Coach/train people in public speaking, presenting with panache and impact, Educate in all aspects of making your voice work for you, improving the quality of your voice, accent modification, speaking English clearly, non English speaking (ESL), Presenting for successful interviews, Conducting meetings for positive outcomes

Q. Are you a sole operator and do you work from home?  
     Do you employ?
     Are you a carer?
A. Yes; No; No

Q. How long have you been in business and who/what was of the most help to you in getting started?
A. 6years but been in recess for the past 12 months.

Q. Do you have a web site?
     Do you have a scanner? 
     Do you have a digital camera?
A. Under construction; yes; yes

Q. What is the most important Marketing tool/strategy you have had success with?
A. Yellow pages

Q. How do you promote and network your business?
A. have to start again and I need new ideas

Q. Have you been nominated for, were a finalist or won any awards or other commendation?
A. no

Q. Tell us something about you – your philosophy, your lifestyle, your ethics, your hobbies etc.
A. Have studied in voice through Guild Hall London for over 12 years
Have the Advanced Certificate in Marketing and Sales from Swinburne University. Have trained as a NLP Practitioner. Hold Category 4 training certificated. Have extensive management and administrative experience in the Health Industry.

I believe that you will receive back whatever you put into life. My lifestyle is simple, I am a very ethical person, treat others as you would have them treat and respect you and my list of thing I love to do is long and possibly boring for you so I won't go there. My pet hate is washing dirty dishes.