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Barbara's Involvement with Government


Prime Minister and me.JPG
Prime Minister Mr Howard with Barbara (far right) and the Hon Alan Cadman (next to PM)

Barb and bruce billson at launch of web site.JPG

(Front row) Barbara with Bruce Billson MP with the web designers (Back row) at the launch of MBN's first web site, 'Bisweb'


Barbara has provided a ‘voice’ for the Micro/HBB sector by accepting appointments to sit on a number of Government Committees;

  • The Micro Business Consultative Group (resulting in the report, ‘Under the Microscope’);
  • The Business Entry Point Consultative Group;
  • The National Small Business Forum;
  • The ATO Cash Economy Task Force;
  • The ATO Commissioner’s Consultative Group
  • The Manningham Task Force.

Barbara has become an expert in the field of understanding the needs of the Micro sector (she coined the word Micro and defined it as employing 0-5 in 1995, one year before John Howard’s Government came into power, and took the same word and definition to describe this growing sector). Most Home Based Businesses (HBB) are Micro Businesses.Consequently she has been invited to sit on a number of Government Committees to advise the Government on this sector.


Barbara’s work with the Government includes:-

  • Undertaking research on the home based business (HBB) sector for six councils in Victoria
  • Facilitating and running seminars on e-commerce for four local councils in Victoria
  • Facilitating and running 42 GST workshops in conjunction with the GST Start Up Office
  • Consulting to local councils on HBB in Victoria and Queensland
  • Developing content for a HBB website facilitated by the City of Casey
  • Running numerous seminars for groups such as Streetlife and the Department of Aboriginal Affairs

MBCG group photo.JPG

Barbara (standing to the right of Ella in red) with the committee (the Micro Business Consultative Group) responsible for writing the report 'Under the Microscope', handed to the then Minister for Small Business, the Hon Peter Reith (centre)