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Gabogrecan the Entrepreneur


Barbara has developed an innovative and exciting product in Biz-in-a-Box (available on the Internet or as a CD), to assist start up businesses and to enthuse and motivate secondary students by offering them an alternative career path.

“I welcome the popularity of (Biz-in-a-Box) among young people and the encouragement (for them) to consider creating their own business opportunities in…micro businesses...”
Hon Dr David Kemp, Federal Minister for Education

“The resource (Biz-in-a-Box) is very valuable for use by schools in developing their students’ business skills.”
Dennis Bolster Deputy General Manager Education Victoria

“(Biz-in-a-Box) adds an important component into the middle school curriculum and will give students the opportunity to experience the excitement of running their own (micro) business.”
Hon Louise Asher MP, Minister for Small Business (Victoria)

“(Biz-in-a-Box) would appear to be a new resource to assist schools.”
Hon. Phillip Gude MP Victorian Minister for Education (Victoria)

“I am keen to pursue (Biz-in-a-Box) further as it is closely aligned to discussions I have been having with Dr Kemp, Minister for Education.”
Bruce Billson Federal MP (Dunkley)

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This programme provides an extraordinarily simple way to successfully market your business to give you a leading edge over your competitors. It allows you to receive recognition for all the procedures you have in place in your business by allocating a 'star rating' based on points you acquire when submitting the proof to an accredited Workplace Assessor. It does not matter what type of business you have or how small the business is. This programme is very affordable and all participants receive full support including over 100 templates to make life 'easier' so that you do not have to re-invent the wheel.

You can be a 1-5 star rated business and can proudly display your logo on all promotional material

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Just 'How do you Eat an Elephant?
'One Bite at a Time'

So 'How do you Get Your Procedures Documented?'
"One Step at a Time'


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