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Gabogrecan the Artist


Barbara specialises in painting Australiana on silk. Her zest for life and love of the bush is evident in her strong, ornate paintings. The use of silk adds luminosity to the vibrant colour and decorative contour. She has held numerous exhibitions both in Australia and overseas, including Japan (Osaka & Nagoya), Germany, England, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Asian owners of BG painting.JPG

Proud owners of a Gabogrecan original "Brolgas' Firedance"


Barbara’s commissions range from painting robes for the ordination of a priest to completing a large triptych for an office foyer.


Priest's ordination robe colour.JPG Priest's ordination robe graphics.JPG Ordination robes for Priest


Elizabeth Proust and me.JPG

Elizabeth Proust officiating at the unveiling of Tropical Cacophony, a triptych for an office foyer in Melbourne


Jenny Kee and me.JPG Barbara receiving one of seven of the Gift of the Year Awards she won, presented by Jenny Kee

Barbara has brought joy to many through her paintings and product.  She has had many one man exhibitions in Victoria and Queensland and her work has also been shown in many overseas countries (Osaka, Jordan, Birmingham, Nagoya, Dusseldorf, Saudi Arabia).  Her product was produced under license and sold throughout Australia via major department stores and boutique gift shops.


Barbara won seven of the Gift of the year Awards and developed fashion accessories and tourist product, under 16 licenses, including bags, umbrellas, scarves, t-shirts, coasters, mugs etc.


Mannequin wearing garments designed by Gabogrecen at a Gift Trade FairGTF mannequin.JPG



boronia.JPG flowering gum.JPG hibiscus.JPG

Kangaroo,koala.JPG kangaroos.jpg koalas.JPG

A sample of Barbara's work.