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Gabogrecan the Manufacturer

Gabogrecan developed product from her silk painting and after winning seven of the Australian Gift of the Year Awards, she had tourist and fashion product produced under 16 licenses and sold throughout Australia.

manufacturer.jpg “I have seen Gabogrecan develop an attractive unified product range, highly suitable for Japanese tourists, and for gift giving within Japan itself...........I would expect Japan to become, in time, a major market for Gabogrecan products............the success, as it comes, will be as a result of artistic flair, business acumen and hard work, not an unplanned accident. It will be richly deserved.”
Peter Mackian, Senior Trade Counsellor (Japan) Austrade

“I believe (Gabogrecan Enterprises) has a high quality product and has displayed considerable foresight in exploring export opportunities for their product in a planned and professional manner.”
Janine Kirk, Senior Ttrade Counsellor Australian Chamber of Manufacturers

“Gabogrecan products, with their vivid colours and highly “Australian” look, have been one of our most successful promotional items - especially with overseas visitors.”
John Cavana, Group Communication Manager Zurich Australia Insurance Group

“......(in Australia) the giving of gifts to international business has traditionally not been particularly good. The Gabogrecan range offered me a perfect solution in that the items are particularly Australian, they are unique, and are available at a price range which allows not only continuity, but also distinction.”
Chris Fenton, General Manager Alfa-Laval Spiraflo

“.......Gabogrecan Enterprises the Australian Wheat Board with unique and beautifully hand made silk scarves depicting Australian scenery.........quality and presentation is of a very high standard......”
Angelique Adler, Market Promotions Australian Wheat Board