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Gabogrecan the Educator

Barbara and staff "Putting on the Ritz" by providing Year 8 students with a formal lunch in the Art Room, to celebrate young Peter's acceptance into the Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra educator1.jpg

Barbara’s career was as a specialist Art teacher for over 20 years. She taught in public and private schools in Sydney and Melbourne and the rural areas of Port Macquarie, Kendall and Benalla. Gabogrecan also taught at the National Gallery of Victoria for 13 years and the Benalla Regional Gallery.

Gabogrecan was renowned for running lunchtime workshops each day, where students could come to complete assignments or to develop new creative expressions. Gabogrecan painted together with the students so that they learned to respect her both as a teacher and a ‘fellow artist’.

For 13 years Barbara worked with groups of students at the National Gallery of Victoria during the weekend, to build on their drawing skills by learning from the masters. She organised exhibitions of student’s work annually and students and parents alike began to appreciate what young people are truly capable of when guided and encouraged with enthusiasm and passion.

Barbara was also involved with theatre and in charge of the choreography of a number of musical productions. Barbara’s philosophy was ‘set a relatively high level of expectation then encourage students to exceed it – and they will!’


Brandt in costume posing with his grandmother, Oma. Brandt won a 12 month scholarship to the Oxford Children’s Theatre in Melbourne