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Barbara & Family

Barbara was very slow to ‘emerge’ into her earth bound home in Sydney, but finally (to the great relief of her mother, Esma) she was born on 8th June 1944. She became a ‘bush kid’ in her 5th year and completed her primary schooling by correspondence with her brother, Brian. She also completed Art by correspondence for her Leaving Certificate and was the first person to ever receive an ‘A’ for this subject by correspondence.boy_girl.jpg


                                                                                      Youngest son Brandt on his 'March Out' as a Signalman


Her grandfather (on her father’s side) was Chinese and her first husband was German. Barbara has two sons, two step daughters and three grandsons. Peter and Barbara have been happily married since 1990 and have a ‘ball’, sharing everything and thoroughly enjoying life!

stretch.jpg Brandt expressed his creativity through the medium of dance. He was the Victorian solo ballet champion when he was eight. He also was a dancer in a number of productions and was featured on Television promoting the Commonwealth Games

Doll in a Box me close up.JPG   Doll in a Box me full length.JPG

Barbara made a great ‘Doll in a Box’ at one of the few fancy dress parties she was involved in before leaving Sydney to live in the country

Baby me.JPG

Barbara made a cute baby!